On the Road to Honesty

Honesty and dishonesty are very contagious and they affect everyone of us, especially our children. Our goal is to help YOU and CHILDREN around you practice as much "kind honesty" as possible and to experience the amazing results it creates. This is also the proud home of the 1 Million Kind Acts of Honesty Campaign: together let's make some BIG contagious Honest noise. Start now below in just one click and share with others!
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Why We Suck At Spotting Liars (by Carol Kinsey Goman)


(Note: In order to support us and give visibility to our Honesty Awareness Campaign, Carol originally agreed to write this article in Forbes Magazine ) Dianna Booher could have begun her insightful book (“What More

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How skilled do you think you are at detecting someone lying?


Psychologists have discovered that the average person is told between 10 to 200 lies a day, including you! It makes you wonder just how skilled you are at detecting deception and liars, right? Imagine the personal

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What’s Your Lying IQ?


How much do you really know about honesty, truth, and lies? To lie is to intentionally say something that isn’t true, whether you do it leaving out the truth, or by saying something that you

But WHY Create an Honesty Awareness Campaign?


Have you ever noticed that the media gives all the spotlight to liars and cheaters? Just think about it – who is more likely to make the news – the hottest celebrity that was just

and the truth will set you free

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