Stop turning children into liars without knowing it

Most of us push children into lying because honesty is an overly sensitive and important topic and because we don't have the right tools to explain it properly to children. And since children learn really fast to lie, then the occasional lying behaviour can quickly become like an invisible disease that is hard to cure once it becomes an habbit.

Our mission is to help parents - but actually any adult as well - do something very important about this universal problem:

- better explain to children what truth & lies are and how they work

- and better guide children on their road to honesty.

On the Road to Honesty is a new type of children book and educational materials to help children from 7 to 11 years old better understand the truth and lies and develop their critical thinking about honesty as they grow into the age of reason.

The On the road to Honesty kit for children is currently in prototype stage and being reviewed by internationnaly recognized thought leaders and educators.

We will start a Kickstater campaign in just a few weeks to help us bring this unique kit to market.

I think On The Road To Honesty is fabulous. I will absolutely invest in it for my children.

- Po Bronson, New York Times Best selling author "NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children" and “What should I do to with my life”

On The Road To Honesty will be one of the defining books for a new generation of children. I feel that it can have a lasting impact on the lives of kids everywhere. The principles, style, stories, and techniques are effective ways to teach children how to deal with the truth and why they shouldn’t lie.

- Gene Bedley, Founder, Executive Director of National Character Education Center USA National Educator of the Year or the Rotary International Paul Harris award for ethics education

I've finally read the prototype, and I think it's excellent. I was especially pleased to see that you included material about how parents pressure children to lie. Well done! This is a lovely book, designed to help children (and their parents) find their way through the confusing moral maze of truth and falsehood. Two thumbs up for On the Road to...Honesty!"

- David Livingstone Smith, Ph.D., is professor of philosophy at the University of New England. He is author of seven books, including the award winning Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others